Eighty Hours

80 Hours

Eighty Hours is an adventure role-playing game exclusive for the Amazon Echo,  similar to classic text and Sierra-On-Line graphic adventure games from the 90s like King’s Quest and Quest for Glory, but built specifically for the modern voice platform, providing a uniquely fresh and unparalleled experience.

Stranded on an island, you have 80 hours until the world is destroyed by a curse. You must uncover secrets of the land, befriend a loyal pet, summon the dead, battle insidious creatures, and journey to the dark tower to defeat a evil wizard.

Eighty Hours’ short session gameplay features progress saving, minor Rogue-like elements, a dynamic map system that makes sure the player never gets lost, a robust hints system that always points the player to the right direction, and multiple endings that encourage multiple play through.

Eighty Hours understand a variety of command and the user is recommended to try anything. Say Alexa, Start Eighty Hours to begin adventuring.

Get it now at the Amazon Skill Store.